Anna Fanigina

“The Catalogue of Ships”

Every ring from collection νεῶν κατάλογος* is like a ship, that could float away together with you or stay on your arm as a great friend, struggling against the waves of daily worries and aspirations. Each ring is branded with its own „watermark” – a phrase on Ancient Greek, quotation or just with some words on simple and proper things for all times – fair wind, strong canvas, courage, love and joy.
The rings are from silver and electrum, each has an inscription made with micro-chase technology, as mostly marine stones are used in this collection – aquamarines, as well as heliodors and quartzes.
*The name of collection is inspired of an epic list from Homer’s Iliad Book two.

万里同風  /One wind for a thousand miles/
Collection by Latvian designer Anna Fanigina (brand VERBA (“words”)) is dedicated to blooming sakura. Each jewelry embodies a blossom — flying in the wind, carrying a message in Japanese, Latin аnd Ancient Greek. As an antique metaphor of peace and harmony says, “One wind for a thousand miles” is blowing, banding different ages and cultures. All collection rings are handmade from silver and natural stones: rock crystals, topazes, rose quartzes.


Anna Fanigina, designer di gioielli ecreatrice del brand VERBA.

Laureata in matematica all’università della Lettonia e presso Riga Applied Art College con la qualifica di metal designer. In qualità di designer, Anna ha partecipato ad esposizioni d’arte in Lettonia, Lituania, Russia, Finlandia, Germania ed Italia. Con il suo brand VERBA, ha preso parte a fiere internazionali in Francia, Germania, Giappone ed Olanda. Vincitrice del contest di design in Lettonia, del contest ‘’Fabergé’’ arti del gioiello in Finlandia e ‘’Jewellery Olympus’’ in San Pietroburgo, Russia. Anna Fanigina ha vinto il premio speciale del Polo Museale del Veneto per l’archeologia assegnato del Museo Archeologico Nazionale d’Adria. Il premio è associato al concorso di Venice Design Week.

Ha preso parte di diverse spedizioni archeologiche organizzate dal The State Hermitage Museum (San Pietroburgo).

I lavori di design di Anna possono essere visti esposti presso Museum of Decorative Arts and Design a Riga.

Anna Fanigina, jewelry designer, creator of Latvian jewelry brand VERBA.
She has graduated The University Of Latvia with B.Sc degree in mathematics and Riga Applied Art College as a metal designer. As a designer, Anna has participated in art exhibitions in Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland, Germany, Italy. With her brand VERBA, she has been taking part in international messes in France, Germany, Japan and The Netherlands. 
Prizewinner of Latvian design contests, jewellery arts contest ‘’Fabergé’’ in Finland and ‘’Jewellery Olympus’’ in Russia, Saint Petersburg. As a part of Venice Design Week Anna received a special prize “Polo Museale del Veneto” from National Archaeological Museum of Adria for continuation of antique traditions.

Participant of The State Hermitage Museum (Saint Petersburg) archaeological expeditions.
Anna’s design works are in permanent collection of Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Riga.

Main Exhibitions:

2020 – “Zīme/Mark”, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Latvia

2019 – “ORNAMENTA second edition. Jewels between history and design”, Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Adria, Adria, Italy

2018 – GOODWOOD, Arts Square Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2018 – νεῶν κατάλογος (“The Catalogue of Ships”), Palazzo Ajutamicristo, i-design Palermo, Sicily, Italy

2018 – νεῶν κατάλογος (“The Catalogue of Ships”), Eleni Marneri Galerie, Athens, Greece

2018 – “Synergy. Contemporary trends in metal art and design”, Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Riga, Latvia

2017 – νεῶν κατάλογος (“The Catalogue of Ships”), European Union House, Riga, Latvia

2017 – “Jewelry Selection 2017”, Venice Design Week, Design Hotel Ca’Pisani, Venice, Italy

2017 – “Ornamenta. Gioielli tra storia e design”, Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Adria, Adria, Italy

2017 – “Initiation”, Gallery Florian Trampler, Munich Jewellery Week 2017, Munich, Germany

2013 – “The Museum Chooses”, Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Riga, Latvia

2012 – “L’amour de l’impossible”, Mikhailovsky Theatre, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2009 – KORU3 International Jewellery Event, Imatra Art Museum, Imatra, Finland

2009 – OMNIA TRANSEUNT, NIHIL INTERIT, The Art Gallery “Putti”, Riga, Latvia

Main International messes:

2019 – AMBIENCE, Shibuya Bunka Fashion, Tokyo, Japan

2016 – SIERAAD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2016 – BLICKFANG, Munich, Germany

2015 – BIJORHCA, Paris, France

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