Petra Gartner


Each example of calligraphy is unique. Calligraphy as an art form  allows us to lend much more meaning and lasting value to messages  which are important to us  than the printed word does. The writer puts time, dedication, patience  and skill into each individual  word.  The quill, the paper , the ink and the script style are meticulously chosen to reflect the content of the message and the special relationship between the sender and the receiver. If  we compare the printed word to a recording, then calligraphy is a Live Act.

Ever since she was a child Petra M. Gartner has been fascinated by the  beauty and magic of the “written word” and since the beginning of the nineties she has dedicated much of her time to the art of writing.  She says it was not at all easy to gain access to suitable teaching but that, again, is a reflection of the mystique surrounding writing in general.

The act of writing itself calls for  extreme concentration but is rewarded by meditative inner tranquility.

Petra M. Gartner always does more than merely copy something  “taught” . She prefers to experiment with various combinations and overlaps of styles and techniques .Even if just “practising” can help to perfect  the skill of meditation as balance  for the  soul,, Petra M. Gartner’s diverse “hands” or, more aptly the literal translation , “pictures in writing” are in part just bubbling with undisguised , impish creativity.

With each new task, the challenge is to combine inspiration, colours and visions on the one hand and,on the other hand, to  see how all the materials  react  together to create an overall impression. Whatever the picture she has in her head, writing must always be a part of it, and must always play a vital rôle.

Petra M. Gartner’s work is a playfully ardent monument to “writing” as an expression of each corresponding culture.

(Barbara A.Lehmden)

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